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Hi, I'm Mandy. If you're looking for tips on pool construction, you've come to the right place. We've just had a new pool installed and I'm full of advice! When I started on our pool I thought it would be an easy build. Boy, was I wrong. I didn't know anything about building a pool apart from the fact I wanted one. Luckily, our construction company set me straight. They helped me work out how big the pool could be and they showed me which shape would suit our yard space. They sorted out permits and even gave me advice on fencing. To find out what I learned, read through my blog. Hope it helps!


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Pool Construction Tips

3 Reasons to Build a Verandah on Your Home

by Bessie Beck

If you're looking for new ways to improve your home, then a verandah is a good option. If you have the space, this build has a range of practical and financial benefits. What are they?

1. Add Sheltered Outdoor Space to Your Home

If you add a verandah to your home, then you create a stylish and sheltered outdoor space. The verandah's roof protects you from the sun, rain and wind. If you want more complete protection or privacy, then you can also install verandah blinds.

So, you can create an instant al fresco dining area. You can simply sit and relax on the verandah in the sun without getting too hot; you can still enjoy the open air when the weather is a little cold, wet or windy as you get a sheltered space.

Plus, if you have children, then they get an enclosed space to play in. They are close to home, so they can pop in and out as they like. You don't have to worry about them getting too hot, cold or muddy from playing out in your garden.

2. Improve Your Home's Thermal Efficiency

While people often build verandahs simply because they look good and provide sheltered outdoor areas, these builds also have some energy benefits. They could help you reduce your power bills by keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

If you add a verandah to your home, then you create a layer between the walls of your home and the outside air. The sun can't beat down on your walls during the summer and heat them up, so your home stays naturally cooler. Your walls also won't get as cold in winter, so your home will stay warmer inside.

Your thermal efficiency gets a boost. You could see a reduction in your power bills if the verandah helps you maintain better ambient temperatures indoors.

3. Increase Your Home's Value

A verandah can increase the value of your home. A well-built and thoughtfully designed construction makes your home look more attractive. Even though you build on your own land, a verandah also makes it look like your home has a bigger footprint.

Plus, potential buyers will be just as excited by this sheltered outdoor space as your family will be. It will be a plus point when they view your home. Viewers will have a more positive impression.

It's important to design a verandah to match the style of your property and your family's needs. For advice, tips and quotes, contact contractors with experience in building verandahs.

For more information on verandahs, contact a company near you.