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Hi, I'm Mandy. If you're looking for tips on pool construction, you've come to the right place. We've just had a new pool installed and I'm full of advice! When I started on our pool I thought it would be an easy build. Boy, was I wrong. I didn't know anything about building a pool apart from the fact I wanted one. Luckily, our construction company set me straight. They helped me work out how big the pool could be and they showed me which shape would suit our yard space. They sorted out permits and even gave me advice on fencing. To find out what I learned, read through my blog. Hope it helps!


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Pool Construction Tips

What to Look for in Structural Engineers

by Bessie Beck

Structural engineers all have a degree, but they are not all the same, which is why you need to hire the best one who can do the job perfectly. You need someone who is skilled and can apply their skills to building a great structure that meets the code, enhances efficiency, and a lot more. When you start to talk to different structural engineers, it is only natural that they will convince you to hire them. These are what you need to look for:

Scope of Work

When talking to potential structural engineers while in the process of hiring, ask for the scope of work document because it gives a foundation for comparison. The client creates the scope of work and then the engineer enhances it. This document is for translating ideas of clients into designs that actually work and then make it into a proposal. If there is no thorough scope of work, cost estimation will be inaccurate. If there are inconsistencies, the cost estimation cannot have a fair comparison.


Structural engineers are not the ones who will construct the property. Although, they should have proper knowledge of how it should be constructed and supervise the work closely. This will make sure that nothing is neglected in the construction process so it remains sound and stable.  

Creativity and Innovation

When choosing a structural engineer, you should consider the innovation and creativity the person possesses. Structural engineers should have these two unless you are very specific with very strict guidelines. You should assess how unique the project is and the ability of the engineer to create something extraordinary from it.

A Variety of Talent

Structural engineers should have enough knowledge of different engineering aspects in order to meet all the requirements of the project. The specialties could include materials, types of structure, and external factors.

The materials could be concrete, steel, brick, glass, aluminium, and others. Types of structure are pipelines, shopping centres, handling of materials, chemical plants, towers, etc. External factors are something that cannot be prevented and these are fire, wind and earthquake.

This is why you need to choose a structural engineer who has experience working on a project that is similar to yours. This way, you already know that aside from experience, the engineer already has some background on a similar project.

Structural engineers are great members of society and they can really help you build something great. You just have to know how to take your pick.