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Hi, I'm Mandy. If you're looking for tips on pool construction, you've come to the right place. We've just had a new pool installed and I'm full of advice! When I started on our pool I thought it would be an easy build. Boy, was I wrong. I didn't know anything about building a pool apart from the fact I wanted one. Luckily, our construction company set me straight. They helped me work out how big the pool could be and they showed me which shape would suit our yard space. They sorted out permits and even gave me advice on fencing. To find out what I learned, read through my blog. Hope it helps!


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Pool Construction Tips

Land Division Tips

by Bessie Beck

Land divisions are a vital component of real estate development. Most people will subdivide their property to increase its market value or create new developments. So how do you divide land? Below are some useful tips. 

Market Survey

The primary benefit of a market survey is that it will help you determine the viability of your venture. Your survey should evaluate the following: 

  • What is the current value of land in the area? Subdivisions can be expensive. As such, you must be certain that you will recoup your investment.
  • How can you increase the value of the property? For instance, amenities such as parking lots, perimeter walls, and parks can increase the property's value and make it attractive to buyers.
  • What are the existing market gaps? For instance, you could develop hostels or a hotel if the property is located in a tourist town.
  • Are there any laws that might affect your development? For instance, a change in zoning regulations could make your development illegal. 

Check The Subdivision Laws

Assess the subdivision laws in the locality. For instance, what are the current zoning regulations? It would be illegal for you to build commercial property in an area zoned for residential developments. Contact the local lands office and inquire the following: 

  • What is the minimum plot size?
  • What amenities should the subdivision have? Typically, the subdivision should have access to roads, water and electricity. You could also be required to allocate parking areas and drainage systems.
  • What permits are required to subdivide the property?
  • How long will the local council take to approve the subdivision?
  • How much will the subdivision cost? 

Hire A Subdivision Contractor

A subdivision contractor will help you divide the property. Your contractor must be experienced and licenced to provide land subdivision services. Contact the contractor's customers to determine the contractor's work ethic and quality. The professional should have reasonable terms. Typically, they should inform you how long the subdivision will take. Besides, they should have adequate insurance to cover employees and subcontractors at the site. 

The professional should visit the site to determine how they will conduct the subdivision. For instance, they should create a subdivision plan detailing the number and size of plots in the new subdivision, the location of critical amenities such as roads and drainage systems. 

When dividing property, conduct a market survey, check the subdivision laws and hire an experienced subdivision contractor. 

To learn more about land divisions, contact a local subdivision contractor.