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Hi, I'm Mandy. If you're looking for tips on pool construction, you've come to the right place. We've just had a new pool installed and I'm full of advice! When I started on our pool I thought it would be an easy build. Boy, was I wrong. I didn't know anything about building a pool apart from the fact I wanted one. Luckily, our construction company set me straight. They helped me work out how big the pool could be and they showed me which shape would suit our yard space. They sorted out permits and even gave me advice on fencing. To find out what I learned, read through my blog. Hope it helps!


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Pool Construction Tips

How To Choose An Industrial Construction Company

by Bessie Beck

Finding a suitable industrial construction company for your project can a nerve-wracking experience. It is especially so since many contractors specialise in residential and commercial projects. Read this extract for some tips on how to hire an industrial construction company. 

Identifying Suitable Companies

Consider companies that have handled similar projects in the past. It is a guarantee that you will receive high-quality work. Besides, the contractor can identify potential challenges at an early stage. For example, when installing a new boiler in your premises, the professional will assess the current flue or chimney to ensure it is compatible with the boiler. Besides, he or she will inspect the system for acids that might damage the drain pipes. 

Wow Factor 

Below are some factors to help you choose one company over the other:

  • Some companies have long term relationships with manufacturers. As such, they can secure construction materials at discounted prices.
  • Examine the available services. Other than the installation of industrial equipment, some companies will offer additional services such as consultation, building designs and engineering works.
  • Check the professionalism and people skills of the people that will handle the project. Ideally, they should be friendly people that show interest in your project.
  • The company should have adequate insurance coverage. It ensures compensation in case of accidents at the site. 

Evaluating Bids

Ask the shortlisted companies to present bids for your construction project. To ensure uniformity, ask an architect to create blueprints for the proposed project. The contractors will use these blueprints to create a bill of quantities and quote for your project. In some cases, the contractors may recommend slight changes to improve the design of the construction. When choosing a contractor, examine his or her work quality vis-a-vis the pricing strategy. Most industrial contractors will give room for negotiations. If on a budget, you may opt to forego some features of your construction. It is a viable solution compromising to reducing the quality of work. 

Terms of Contract

A lawyer will help you negotiate the terms of the contract. Disputes may arise due to client-contractor misunderstandings. As such, you should formulate a viable dispute resolution mechanism that will not jeopardise your relationship with the contractor or slow down the work. Negotiation and mediation are considered effective strategies. The contract should compel the contractor to observe the construction deadlines. Besides, the contractor should give guarantees on the completed work.

When choosing an industrial construction company, identify suitable companies, narrow down your search, examine the bids and the terms of the contract.