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Hi, I'm Mandy. If you're looking for tips on pool construction, you've come to the right place. We've just had a new pool installed and I'm full of advice! When I started on our pool I thought it would be an easy build. Boy, was I wrong. I didn't know anything about building a pool apart from the fact I wanted one. Luckily, our construction company set me straight. They helped me work out how big the pool could be and they showed me which shape would suit our yard space. They sorted out permits and even gave me advice on fencing. To find out what I learned, read through my blog. Hope it helps!


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Pool Construction Tips

Signs that Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

by Bessie Beck

One of the signs that many people notice, leading to calling a contractor about foundation repair, is cracking in the foundation itself. You may also notice cracking in the basement walls as well. There are other key signs that you may not know are signs of needing foundation repair. Here are a few of those signs and what you need to know about each one.

Sagging Windows

If you have noticed that your windows seem to be sagging in areas or seem to be shifting, then this may be a sign that your home needs foundation repair. The reason that the window may be shifting, leaning, or coming away from the seams is because the foundation is cracking and sinking. As the foundation cracks and sinks, the wall on that side will start to sink as well. This can cause the windows to pull away from the walls and trusses and give a sagging or shifting appearance.

Cracks Around Doorways

You may start noticing cracks around the doorways in the plaster or paint. At first you may think that you are having issues with the plaster or paint. You may even think it is an issue with the particular portion of wall. The truth is, the cracks around the doorways could be an early indication that you need to call a foundation repair contractor. The cracks can be from shifting of the foundation. If the foundation is sinking or experiencing cracks, the cracks can move up to the walls and even through different levels of the home. Cracks will be the first sign that this is happening.

Land Sinking Around Outer Walls

You may have erosion issues outside the home along the wall line. For example, if you notice that you are seeing more of the foundation bricks or concrete, then you may have an erosion issue. You may also notice washout around the base of your home. These are signs that water could be getting to the foundation and causing issues. If you notice major wash out and erosion around the foundation of your home, especially against the wall, contact your foundation repair contractor. An inspection can show if the water is causing damage and how to take steps to fix the irrigation and prevent a costly foundation repair.

If you notice any of these signs that your home needs foundation repair, contact a foundation contractor from a company like Pro-Pin Professional Underpinning. Request a consultation or inspection of your home to determine if the issue is foundation repair and how deep the issue goes. You can also ask questions regarding fees, scheduling, and what will need to take place in order to repair your foundation issues and prevent new ones.